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Active MotifAcquired TimeLogic
AgileBioCustom bioinformatics
Annai SystemsGenome data management (Developed UCSC Cancer Genomics Hub)
AppistryData management, analysis, interpretation & storage (NGS/Other)
Ariadne GenomicsExpression, pathways, text mining
aScideaBioinformatics solutions including NGS products
AsperaFast efficient method for high-speed data transfer
AssurXRisk and compliance management software for clinical NGS
AtrageneCustom software solutions (NGS interpretation?)
AvadisNGS through pathway analysis
BaseclearNGS, comprehensive 
Bina TechnologiesNGS interpretation, comparison
BiobaseIdentify functionally significant genome variants 
Biocomputing Platforms LtdNGS and variation data analysis and management
BioCOS Life Sciences NGS and microarray interpretation
BioDiscoveryCopy number, expression
Bioinformatics SolutionsMapping
BiomattersProducers of Geneious
Biomol-Informaticsincluding NGS analysis
BioNeosCustom bioinformatics
BionividBioinformatics services and development
BiosofSequence Analysis, Structure and Function Prediction
BioteamMiniLIMS for NGS platforms
BMR GenomicsAssembly through interpretation
Cartageniaweb-based software and database, for diagnostic genome interpretation
cBiobioinformatics solutions (NGS and microbial diagnostics)
CLC BioComprehensive, Including NGS
Conexio GenomicsNext gen software for HLA and other applications
Cypher GenomicsInterpretation of NGS data, clinical
DiagnomicsSoftware and service for NGS and personalized healthcare
DNA 2.0Tools for gene design through sequence analysis
DNA GuideBring NGS to clinic
DNAnexusCloud-based DNA data management, analysis, and collaboration platform
DNASoftwareMultiple DNA analysis packages
DNAstarNGS, assembly, other
Douglas ScientificMicroarray, qPCR etc
Eagle GenomicsPipelines, consulting, scalable genomics analysis
ecSeq BioinformaticsNGS interpretation, custom pipelines
Era7 BioinformaticsBacterial genomics
EuformaticsSoftware platforms for NGS (research and clinical)
FluidigmExpression, targeted resequencing, SNP
GE HealthcareBring NGS to clinic
HLA typing
Gene CodesBioinformatics software for DNA sequence analysis
GeneExplainExpression, proteomics
GeneGo (Thomson Reuters)pathway analysis
GeneiousNGS assembly through annotation
GeneSpring (Agilent)Gene expression, NGS and proteomics analysis, pathways
Genevia Technologiessystems biological data analysis
GenoLogicsLIMS systems for -omics labs
GenomatixNGS analysis software
Genome Enterprise LimitedNGS analysis associated with TGAC
GenomeQuestNGS: research and clinical applications
Genomic ExpressionProprietary cost-effective genomics diagnostics
Genomic Solutionsproteomics, DNA sample prep
GenoSpaceCloud based 'omics secure data sharing targeting clinical applications
GenostarSolutions for microbial genome, proteome and metabolome comparison
GeospizaNGS/Microarray analysis and LIMS software
Geschickten BiosciencesCloud storage and analysis of NGS data
GNS healthcareBig Data management devoted to healthcare solutions
Golden HelixMultiple genomics packages
Heracle BioSoft S.R.L.Heracle makes DNABaser Assembly software
Ingenuity SystemsGenome, pathway analysis
InSilicoDBGenomics databases and in-silico genomics tools
IntegromicsData handling and analysis for NGS, microarray, qPCR
Interactive BiosoftwareVisualization, interpretation and annotation of NGS data
Intrepid BioinformaticsNGS, SNP, Databases
IntuitiveGenomicsNGS assemply, annotation, interpretation
InvitaeWorking with Genomic Health and Locus Dev. (variant database)
JSI Medical SystemsNGS analysis software
KnomeNGS interpretation, clinical
Locus DevelopmentBring NGS to clinic
Maverix BiomicsCloud-based NGS data management, interpretation, and visualization
MolecularHealthMolecular safety, molecular oncology
NextBioGenomics, expression, literature, clinical
NuMediiGenome-wide molecular profiles
Ocimum BiosolutionsResearch Accelerator (for 'Omics comparison), extensive databases
OmiciaVAAST genome interpretation
OmixonTargeted sequencing, HLA, variant analysis
PartekSoftware - NGS, expression etc.
PersonalisInterpretation of NGS data, clinical
PhenosystemsSoftware NGS and others
Premier BiosoftBioinformatics
Real Time GenomicsSequence alignment through variant database comparison
Rimar CabelCustom Software solutions (including healthcare applications)
Salsa ComputingBig data, including bioinformatics
SamsunggenomeNGS sequencing through interpretation
Sapio SciencesLIMS systems for genomics labs
Scale GenomicsCloud storage and analysis of NGS data
ScaleMPBig data company, assembly through interpretation
Seven Bridges GenomicsNGS variant interpretation open source pipelines
SGIBig data company, assembly through interpretation
Silicon Valley BiosystemsNGS interpretation software (google the name)
SimulConsultGenomic variant interpretation, phenomics
Soft Genetics Inc NGS interpretation software packages
SolveBioGenome analysis 
Spiral GeneticsAnnotation
StationXGenome interpretation 
Strand Life SciencesGenespring, Avadis-NGS
SyapseMaking omics data actionable in clinical research and development
Translational SoftwareBring NGS to clinic
Woodward Informatics LtdCustom bio- and chemo-informatics
23 and meConsumer genomics
5am SolutionsCustom bioinformatics
Active MotifChIP-Seq, (h)MeDIP-Seq and Bisulfite Sequencing among others
Adaptive BiotechnologiesNGS on immune cells, moving to clinical
AllGeneticsMolecular genetics support for academic and corporate labs
Almac groupCLIA lab, microarray including CNV and SNP 
Ancestry.comIntegrating geneologies with DNA analysis
Applied Genomics InstituteNGS and related BioInformatics
Applied MicroarraysCustom microarray
Ariana PharmaMultiple research/clinical genomics applications
AROS Applied BiotechnologyExtraction, PCR, microarray, and NGS services.
AsuragenClinical NGS, ion torrent, FFPE capabilities
Atlas BioLabsNGS, Arrays, CGH, Bioinformatics
BaseclearNGS, comprehensive 
Beckman Coulter GenomicsNGS, Sanger sequencing, data analysis, other
NGS through assembly, interpretation
Bina TechnologiesNGS interpretation, comparison
Bio S & TSanger sequencing and expression, WGS?
BioChainNGS through genome interpretation
BioCOS Life Sciences NGS and microarray interpretation
BioDigital valleyProteomics, Genmics, Bioinformatics
BiooComprehensive including NGS
Bioservehuman DNA, microarray
BlueseqMatch sequencing capacity with sequencing need (advisors)
BMR GenomicsNGS through interpretation
Caliper (PE)Lab auto and NGS services
CartageniaEnterprise integration of clinical NGS
Cofactor GenomicsNGS, bioinformatics
Complete GenomicsNGS through assembly (Subsidiary of BGI)
ComputomicsNGS interpretation for agricultural biotech
CorrZBiostatistics, analysis for NGS and microarray
NGS through interpretation, proteomics
Covance GenomicsFull gervice genomics partner
CPGRNon profit genomics/bioinformatics center
Cypher GenomicsInterpretation of NGS data, clinical
CytogenomicsHigh throughput interpretation of genomic variation
Data2BioDesign, Execute, analyse NGS projects
deCode GeneticsClinical genomics
Bioinformatics analysis services
ecSeq BioinformaticsSequencing- assembly and analysis
Edge BioCLIA exome sequencing
Era7 BioinformaticsBacterial genomics
EuformaticsConsultation on NGS projects
Eureka GenomicsNGS through assembly, other
Eurofins, MWG, OperonOligos through NGS analysis
EvogeneIdentify agrinomically imortant plant genes
Expression AnalysisWGS, RNAseq, microarray
FasterisIncluding Illumina NGS
Fios GenomicsExome, methylation for epigenetics, other
FitGenesDNAprofiling, Nutrigenomics
FloragenexPlant and animal NGS
Foundation MedicineCancer diagnostics (including NGS)
Ganit labsExpression, NGS, genotyping
Gene TLCPersonalized genomics
GeneDxClinical - including whole exome
Genergy Bio-tecWe prowide GWAS, NGS service
GeneWizDNA services including NGS
GenomatixNGS analysis services
Genome British ColumbiaInvestment and management of genomics projects
Genome Enterprise LimitedNext Gen Sequencing associated with TGAC
Genome International CorporationBioinformatics support for the life sciences
Genome Life SciencesBioinformatics support for the life sciences
Genome Project SolutionsNGS sequencing though interpretation
GenomeDXClinical cancer genomics
Genomic ExpressCLIA laboratory, consumer genomics, medical genetics 
Genomic ExpressionNGS libraries
Genomic HealthClinical genomics
Genomic HealthClinical genomics
GenomniaNGS sequencing through interpretation
Genoptix Medical Laboratorypersonalized diagnostics some seq analysis
GenoscreenNGS, interpretation, consultation
GenoSplice technology"Wet" lab and Bioinformatics services
GenostarSolutions for microbial genome, proteome and metabolome analyses
GenotypicNGS, comprehensive
GenotypicNGS, comprehensive 
Golden HelixGenomic analysis/genomics project consultation
Good Start GeneticsCarrier screening
Health In CodeGenetic diagnosis of inherited cardiovascular diseases: NGS/Sanger
High Throughput SequencingService associated with UW
HolgentechFractal defect mining, Fractal analytics (cancer)
IDTIn addition to Oligos, they do 454 sequencing as well
IMBcomCommercialization of academic genomics services
Interleukin GeneticsConsumer genetic tests
iRepertoireNGS on immune cells
KeygeneIncluding whole genome sequencing of plants
KnomeNGS interpretation, clinical
LabCorp Including clinical genomics
LC SciencesServices include targeted sequencing and custom microarrays
LexogenRNA-Seq R&D
LGC GenomicsNucleic acid extraction through NGS analysis
LucigenLibrary prep through NGS analysis
MacrogenNGS, Sanger sequencing, microarray
MacrogenNGS, Sanger Sequencing, Microarray
Malaysian Genomics Resource CtrSequencing through analysis 
Malaysian Genomics... (MGRC)NGS through Interpretation
MedomicsClinical mitochondrial genomics
Metamark GeneticsClinical genomics, cancer focus
MOgeneNGS, microarray
MoleculoDNA sequencing method:  very long and accurate reads
MultiplicomDx kits for targeted resequencing.
NateraClinical prenatal genetic testing
NavigenicsConsumer genomics
NovocraftNGS Sequence Analysis and Custom pipelines
Ocimum BiosolutionsExpression, LIMS, other
Omega BioservicesExome sequencing, interpretation
Omics MapsCrowd Sourced list of sequencing centers
Omics SystemsComprehensive list of genomics services
OpgenGenome mapping, assembly
OtogeneticsWhole exome NGS, RNAseq
Oxford Gene TechnologyWhole Exome, microarray, clinical
Paradigm Nonprofit organization (cancer pathway analysis, genomics, etc.)
Paradigm DiagnosticsClinical interpretation of NGS data
PathogenicaClinical Sequencing/NGS
Pathtwork GenomicsCLIA microarray (RNAseq?)
Pathway GenomicsPersonal genomics/nutrition
Perkin ElmerNGS sequencing, exome
Personal Genome DiagnosticsClinical cancer exome sequencing through interpretation
PersonalisInterpretation of NGS data, clinical
Population GeneticsTargeted resequencing of large populations
Prevention GenomicsClinical Genetic Screening
ProgenusSequencing and analysis (Sanger through NGS)
NGS Sequencing and analysis services
QFABBioinformatics service specialists
Quality Partner16S metagenomic analysis applied to food microbiology
QuestIncluding clinical genomics
Raindance Raindance offers design services in addition to instrumentation
SamsunggenomeNGS sequencing through interpretation
Second GenomeNGS with microbiome focus
SequenomMicroarray structural/functional genomics
SequentaClinical NGS and immunology
SeqwrightNGS through assembly
ServiceXSNGS, genotyping, methylation and expression analysis services
SkuldtechWGS, interpretation, targeted resequencing
SmartGeneapplication-specific solutions for clinical sequencing
Sorensen GenomicsClinical and forensic genomics
Spiral GeneticsAnnotation
Synexa Life SciencesClinical human genomics
Taueret LaboratoriesGenetic laboratory services to researchers of medical genetics
Wuxi ApptecComprehensive, including NGS and expression analysis
xcelris labsSequencing and analysis (Sanger through NGS)
XDxClinical, expression-b
Applied Mathsprovides the software suite BioNumerics for databasing, integrated networking and a range of analysis and decision-making tools, including data mining, querying, clustering, identification, and statistics
Astrid ResearchAstrid Research Inc. is a bioinformatics company that provides software products and services for genomics research
BIOBASEprovides biological databases, bioinformatics for expression data, promoter and pathway analysis and KPO services
BioDiscovery, Incprovides software for DNA copy number, methylation, expression from microarray and NGS platforms, with solutions for cancer and constitutional genomics
Biomatters Ltdis the New Zealand-based company that creates the Geneious software suite.
Biomax Informatics AGbioinformatics services
CLC Bio Bioinformatics workbenches
DNASTAR provides DNA sequence assembly and analysis, including Sanger and sequence assembly and gene expression analysis
Genedatasoftware products and services for data analysis and storage in Transcriptomics, Toxicogenomics, High-throughput screening (HTS),Genomics and related disciplines.
Geneiouscombines many DNA and protein sequence analysis tools.
GeneTalk provides a web-based platform for human sequence variant analysis and interpretation for diagnosis of inherited disorders. Variant files (VCF format) can be filtered and reduced for convinient interpretation of the data. The community of scientists, clinicians, and human geneticists can help in interpreting the data
Genomatixoffering biology driven analysis pipelines for microarray analysis, ChIP on Chip and Solexa/454 data. Multiple tools and databases for analysis of gene regulation. Comparative genomics and complete and quality checked genomic annotation for 17 species
Genomodelprovides proteomic (Mass Spectrometry, SILAC), genomic (NGS - ChIP Seq, RNA-Seq etc) data analysis, molecular modeling, computational chemistry (drug discovery) services and solutions to pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology industries, academic research groups and individuals.
Genostarprovides streamlined bioinformatics: sequence assembly, mapping, annotation transfer and identification of protein domains, comparative genomics, structural searches, metabolic pathway analysis, modeling and simulation of biological networks
Ingenuity Systemsis a provider of information and custom services for life science researchers, computational biologists and bioinformaticists, and life science industry suppliers
IntegromicsIntegromics is a global bioinformatics company that provides bioinformatics software for data management and data analysis in genomics and proteomics
Invitrogenprovides Vector NTI, a desktop bioinformatics suite supporting data record handling and curation, data discovery, reagent design, and experimental validation tool sets
MacVectorproviding MacVector and Assembler. MacVector is a Macintosh application that provides sequence editing, primer design, internet database searching, protein analysis, sequence confirmation, multiple sequence alignment, phylogenetic reconstruction, coding region analysis, and a wide variety of other functions
Ocimum Bio Solutionsis a bioinformatics company with a variety of software products and also consulting practise ( ). Commercial software available from Ocimum include Genchek, Genowiz, OptGene, iRNAchek, Ascenta, BioExpress, Genesis and Oligostar
PREMIER Biosoft Internationalis a bioinformatics company working in software development, marketing and bioinformatics consultancy for in-silico experiment design. PREMIER Biosoft has authored software for pcr primer & probe design, microarray design, glycan structure identificatin, plasmid map drawing and tissue microarray data analysis
Qlucore Qlucore Omics Explorer is a bioinformatics software program
SimBioSysdevelops the eHITS software for molecular docking (flexible ligand docking & fast pre-docking), pharmacophore modelling, de novo design and retrosynthetic analysis software tools
SRA Internationalpractice for professional services, primarily aimed at the Federal Government market
Strand Life Sciencesoffers for micro array gene expression analysis, computational chemistry, data analysis and visualizations
TimeLogicoffers DeCypher FPGA-accelerated BLAST, Smith-Waterman, HMMER and other sequence search tools


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