Infrastructure Facility setup solutions & service

  • A complete Bioinformatics Infrastructure facility setup and  Installation (Bioinformatics Data Center , Equipments, lab accessories, IT (Hardware & Software) for Research Institutions, Healthcare sector, Research Labs, Pharmaceutical Company, Biotech company and IT companies etc..
  • Bioinformatics Staffing solutions and Service.
  • Scientific Marketing and Digital Marketing service for Life Science research and Innovations
  • Website and Application Development


We provide service in Bioinformatics education consulting, Career Consulting, Research Project consulting for various Educational Institutions, Research organization and laboratories to entertain the students , Research Scholar & Faculty. A complete HR Solutions for Scientific recruitment & staffing in various life science industry as per industry requirement and responsibilities.

Scientific Digital Marketing

we provide Scientific Digital marketing service for various academic,research and other companies. for promotion of academic , research and company business. our services such as SEO Optimization, Google ads, Scientific Email camping’s,Advertisement in groups, forums,scientific societies,blogs,ads in social media like facebook, twitter,linkedln and more in portals.

eBook Publishing ,Poster Preparation,Scientific Event Broaches Designing’s,Flyers & Paper Publishing

We provide service for students, research scholar, Faculties and Scientist to publish there individual or group poster , paper and book in various publisher’s ,journal scientific conference. we also provide service for publishers to publish there eBook in amazon and other sites.Publishing is always a painful issue for the author, as they might be excellent on writing, but suffers when it comes to decide the publishing format, cover design and budget planning. The great news is, there are quality publishing services arise nowadays to help you to publish your book with our support. Scientific Designing’s and Art work in Biological work.

Research Database Development and Management

The purpose of a Biorepository is to maintain biological data, and associated information, for future use in research. The Biorepository assures the quality, and manages the accessibility and distribution/disposition of the biospecimens in its collection The four main operations of a Biorepository are; (i) collection (ii) processing, (iii) storage or inventory, and (iv) distribution of biological data.

Research Application Development and Android Apps

We develop Bioinformatics Tools for Life science Research Projects. The tools can be Graphical User Interface which can be easily access. The research data can be made easily available for all scientist ,research scholar for further research. An extensive SDK and APIs for integrating command-line Unix tools and developing new genomics applications is provided, targeting scripting languages like Perl, statistical environments (R) and compiled languages (Java) for various Research Projects for easy analysis of Genomic and proteomics data.We also develop android app for available tools ,application and other android in support for academic ,research and life science business promotion

BioInformatics Training

Academic & corporate Training Service for Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical  Industry, Hospitals, Clinical Organization, Diagnostic laboratories and health care industry in various Bioinformatics Tools, Drug Discovery Tools, Bio Programming, Computational Biology Programs & more … We also support to organizers for  Workshop  , Seminars talk , Hands –on- Training for Academics & corporate level In Bioinformatics Drug Discovery ,Big Data  Cloud Computing for Biological data Research , Biological Science,Health Science and Pharma Science.

Scientific DataCuration/ Literature Curation

We are providing Scientific Data Curation Service. This service is free access to manually annotated public datasets from repositories such as array express, GEO, sra and ena, NCBI, EMBL,SWISSPROT including 1000 genomes, illumina body map and many others. We are providing this Scientific Data Curation Service at reasonable prices. DataCuration is the term used to indicate Management activities require to maintain research data long term such that it is available for reuse and preservation. In Science Datacuration may indicate the process of extraction of important from scientific text, such as research article by expert to be converted into an electronic format such as  biological database.

Software Service for Institutions and Organizations ,

We Provide user friendly research software for all scientist , we have dramatically broadened our offering to meet evolving life science needs. We now offer products and services and w have grown from supporting scientist working with organism the world of human disease and beyond. We are providing Health Informatics Software Service. These solutions are designed to ensure the complete satisfaction to our client. The software consultant is a professional that assesses a business or organization’s processes and provides software solutions and other recommendations based on that assessment. We are providing this  Software Service at reasonable prices.

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